04 May, 2007

6 Romantic Gifts for Him

  1. Weekend Getaway
    Whatever your guy’s interest, plan a romantic weekend to explore it together. Start your basket with tickets to one of his favorite sporting events, a fan convention or another fun function. Fill out the basket with gear to enhance the getaway. For example, if you plan to take him to the car races, outfit him with binoculars, earplugs and a padded stadium seat. Throw in an autobiography of a leading driver and your basket is good to go. If possible book into an inn or motel with an appropriate theme for total immersion. His appreciation for a weekend custom-tailored to his desires will spark maximum romance once the sun goes down.
  2. A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and thou basket
    Give your lover all of the makings of a romantic picnic that can be enjoyed indoors or out. A bottle of good wine anchors the basket and accompanies a loaf of crusty French bread and some exotic but mild cheese. Don’t forget to include your invitation to share the picnic in the moonlight or candlelight.
  3. Aphrodisiac food lover basket
    What could be more romantic for a gourmet than a basket filled with aphrodisiac delicacies? Choose foods shown to enhance feelings of love and romance and then sit back and enjoy your man’s responses. Some aphrodisiac foods to consider including are oysters, truffles or truffle oil, the spice ginseng and caviar. If these are too exotic for your honey’s tastes, fall back on the traditional foods of love: chocolate, bananas and champagne.
  4. Music feeds the soul basket
    For a musical basket sure to spark romance, put together a collection of favorite CDs. Make a mix CD that alternates your favorites with his or fill the collection with classic love ballads. Going all out? Make an MP3 player the center of your gift and surround it with accessories and gift certificates for song downloads.
  5. Movie lover’s basket
    Plan a romantic night in with a basket sure to please the movie lover in your life. Tuck several of his favorite DVDs in with some popcorn and classic snacks. Add a plush lap blanket for snuggle appeal. Even his favorite action movie or zombie thriller can be romantic when the two of you are cuddled under a throw with the lights dimmed.
  6. The Key to your Heart basket
    Ready to offer your love the key to your place as well as your heart? Don’t just hand him a hardware store key ring – design a gift basket to let him know how special he is to you. Place the key on an attractive key ring. Add some basics he’ll need for sleepovers at your place; things like a toothbrush, his preferred bar soap and a comfortable robe so he doesn’t have to lounge around in your pink shorty robe are all considerate gifts. Throw in some of his chosen beer brand and chips for his snacking comfort and you will clinch the deal.

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