03 June, 2013

30 Cool Pictures Gallery

Its More Than Just a Photo.

34 Funny Interesting Facts

Some Funny and Interesting Facts.

Constructed a Highest Bike (10 pics)

Constructed a Highest Bike - Ricci Trimble of the U.S. has constructed a five-meter bike and took part in a cycling race CicLAvia VI: CicLAvia To the Sea, which took place in Los Angeles. During the trip, he shot his way to the chamber, which is attached to the chest. Miraculously, the cyclist rode through the city without interference and maintaining balance. So he beat about 32 km, while the cyclist goal is not confused, forcing Ritchie to make a stop. 

Extreme Photo Gallery - Dont Look Down (21 pics)

Extreme Photo Gallery - Dont look down.

20 Products Discovered By Accident

Interesting Products Discovered By Accident.

Underwater Underpass in Netherlands (8 pics)

Underwater Underpass in Netherlands - Aqueduct Veluwemeer is an underwater underpass in Netherlands that is located under a small part of the lake Veluwemeer and connects the mainland Netherlands to Flevoland, the largest artificial island in the world.

30 April, 2013

Beautiful Tree House Community (18 pics)

Beautiful Tree House Community - Beautiful treehouse community built in the mountains of Costa Rica. You can rent a room in a treehouse for the price of $100-$275 per night.
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