27 July, 2007

Tallest & Smallest Horse

Radar, a Belgian draft horse and reigning Guinness World Record holder as the 'Tallest Living Horse,' at 19 hands 3.5 inches (6ft 6in), and Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare and the world's 'Smallest Living Horse,' 17.5 inches, are united for the first time for a photo shoot that will appear in the Guinness World Records 2008 edition, on sale August 7th. (PRNewsFoto/Guinness World Records 2008 Edition)

World's Smallest & Tallest Horses Thumbelina & Radar 1st time together -

World's Tallest Horse - Radar Images -

World's Smallest Horse - Thumbelina Images -


  1. Amazing.... Does the taller one race???

  2. How old are the Tallest and the smallest?
    What is the height and weight of them?


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