19 October, 2007

Body Hair Removal Tips

Body Hair Removal Quick Tips
By: Greg Mauro

Removing unwanted hair from the body is a much required and disliked process. In a world where personal hygiene and appearances are given so much importance body hair removal is almost a necessity and not a choice. So what are the body hair removal quick tips that will ensure fairly painless and convenient hair removal.

Body Hair Removal Quick Tips vary according to the method of hair removal that you are selecting:

Laser Hair Removal -

This is perhaps the most advance technique of hair removal which uses laser energy to inhibit hair follicles.
  1. Choose a reputed laser hair removal clinic and talk to the doctor about various issues such as whether your skin tone is suitable for the process, amount of discomfort involved, etc.

  2. If your skin is darker then you may be advised to bleach beforehand the area from where hair has to be removed.

  3. Avoid tanning the skin before a laser hair removal session.

  4. You are allowed to shave off the body hair before laser hair removal as it is the hair follicle that is going to be treated and not the body hair. So unlike waxing you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow a certain amount before you wax.

  5. Mild discomfort may accompany the treatment and can be resolved by the use of a mild antiseptic lotion or gel.

  6. The treatment requires a minimum of 2-3 sittings so schedule appointments in advance.

  7. Ensure that you use a sunscreen of SPF 15 and higher after you have had laser hair removal.

  8. Pay heed to the doctor’s advice and instructions.

Waxing -

This method uses natural wax or that made from sugar for hair removal. The wax is applied on the skin and a strip over it. Then it is massaged on and removed in one quick motion.

  1. Pre waxed strips make the whole process convenient and quick. These strips come with ready to use wax sandwiched between and only need to be applied on the area you want to remove hair from rubbed on properly and then pulled off. They make the whole process of waxing neat and not messy.

  2. For delicate areas such as the face use facial wax strips only.

  3. If you are using wax that needs to be kept at a certain temperature ensure that it is warm enough. The warmth of the wax is conducive to body hair removal.

  4. If the skin is red after waxing treating it with ice will reduce the discomfort.

  5. Apply a mild topical antiseptic if the painful aspect of waxing puts you off.

  6. After waxing apply a non-alcoholic toner preferably one with the healing powers of aloe vera or chamomile.

  7. Do not wax on acne affected areas.

Shaving -

  1. Use a gender appropriate razor. A razor made for women is styled in a feminine fashion and will help avoid nicks and cuts.
  2. Use the razor in smooth and long strokes against the hair, this will reduce any cuts.
  3. Afterwards wash the shaved area well and moisturise.

Depilatories -

  1. Test the depilatory on your skin a day in advance before use on the rest of the body to ensure that there is no reaction.
  2. Wash well to remove all hair and the effect of the chemicals.
  3. Moisturise the skin with a lotion that will keep the skin soft and supple.
  4. The problem with depilatories is that the hair reappears soon, so have a fixed routine for hair removal.

Electrolysis -

  1. Ensure that you make your appointments well in advance.
  2. Check if the centre will provide the use of a topical aesthetic.
  3. Read up on the entire process so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

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