26 April, 2012

8 Things are Illegal in Some Countries

1. FACEBOOKING — It is well known that Facebook is banned from China. Other popular websites and applications are banned from China are Youtube, Tumblr and Skype.

2. TWEETING — Recently a South Korean man re-tweeted a North Korean Government. Tweet as a joke and was detained for violating South Korea's National Security which bans "act that benefit the enemy."

3. CHEWING GUM — In Singapore, it's illegal to Chew Gum because of a litter problem.

4. DRIVING — It is illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, In Korea only the political elite can own or drive vehicles.

5. HOLDING HANDS IN PUBLIC — You cannot hold hands with members of the opposite $ex in Saudi Arabia.

6. SHOWING OFF YOUR PERSONAL STYLE — In places where they adhere to Sharia Law, women must wear Veils their head on the flip side. And in France it is illegal to wear Veil.

7. KISSING IN PUBLIC — It is illegal to kiss members of the opposite $ex on the street in Saudi Arabia.

8. TRAVELING — Citizens of North Korea cannot travel freely around the country, let alone everywhere abroad.

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