18 May, 2012

Cute Newborn Baby Hippo Harry (9 pics)

Cute Newborn Baby Hippo Harry —  Baby pygmy hippo, born just a few days ago, in the nature reserve in South Afriki.Ego mother, Hilda gave birth to a baby hippopotamus quite well, but alas, soon after birth did not show him one attention, she just did not work the maternal instinct.

Every three hours Harry drank his portion of milk mixture in a separate room inside the house. He was bathed in a small children's bath and kept under constant attention day and night.
Pygmy hippos in the wild are becoming less and less. According to IUCN (World Conservation Union) in 1993, the natural population of pygmy hippos did not exceed 3,000 copies, and the current number is probably much smaller. Civil wars in the habitats of the form made it impossible to study and protection.
Adult animals reach 75-83 cm in height at the shoulders, 150-177 cm in length and weigh 180-275 kg (ie, an order of magnitude less than the common hippopotamus, reaching 4500 kg). The color of the skin, such as thick as that of an ordinary hippopotamus - brown or greenish-black, slightly paler on the belly.

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