22 January, 2013

Modern Mowgli - Unusual Childhood (17 pics)

Modern Mowgli, Unusual Childhood - She was born in Africa, in a family of French photographers. Her name is Tippy DeGraw (Tippi Degre), she had a very unusual childhood. Girl growing in the African desert, among the wild animals, which eventually developed warm relations. The girl began to resemble the modern Mowgli. As a little girl, Tippy said, "I have no friends. Because I've never seen children. Thus, animals, my friends. "

The girl's parents wrote a book about her childhood "Tippi of Africa" (Tippi of Africa), which was published in 1998. They also made a documentary film "Bridging Gap to Africa" (swinging bridge to Africa), after which the girl-Mowgli has become very popular. Leaving aside the obvious concern of parents, it is safe to say that Tippy had a happy childhood.

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