18 February, 2013

Beautiful Basalt Rock Formations in Spain (7 pics)

Beautiful Basalt Rock Formations in Spain  — Los Organos located on the island of La Gomera in the northern coast of Peru, about 15 minutes from Mancora. These beautiful rock formations are considered as one of the most beautiful basalt rocks in the Canary Islands. Slender cliffs rise from the sea to a height of 800 m and a width of 200 m reach Columns resemble organ pipes, so they are called Los Organos. This - the remains of vast masses of lava once powerful volcano. As the lava cooled and crystallized it into a hex string. Over time, due to erosion of the rocks turned into works of art. Since the rocks cool down to the sea, the only way to look at the Los Organos in all their power - to take a boat tour.

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